Eco-Friendly Permeable Pavers

Have you ever had issues with sitting water in your yard, possibly on your driveway or in your backyard? Rainfall can cause a lot of problems such idle water that may last days before drying up, flooding, and expensive water damage to your home. Permeable pavers eliminates all of these issues by offering a eco-friendly and good looking alternative to concrete and other foundations that retain water.


Permeable pavers offer the same structural durability and support as concrete, but allow water to seep through the strategically produced spaces between each paver. The environmentally conscious design of permeable pavers allows water to gradually absorb into the ground leaving your driveway, patio, and parking spaces water-free and able to be used during the harshest condition. These pavers are installed with sand aggregate that slowly absorbs drainage as it soaks into the ground and waits to evaporate. Additionally, drainage devices can also be installed underneath permeable pavers to relocate water to more appropriate spaces. Not only are permeable paves practical but they offer a noticeably unique design to your living space. Certain designs allow for grass and other greenery to grow in between the pavers, producing a great look anywhere from your driveway to backyard patio.