Bowerston Shale Company

Old English Brick, Grand River Brick, RockCast Buffstone Accents
Custom MB5 Brick, RockCast Balusters Crystal White

Architects and builders specify Bowerston brick for many reasons. Those include known quality, wide selection of shades, sizes and textures, color consistency, and size parameters that meet tight tolerances and special matching requirements. Brick from the Bowerston Shale Company has been used to create some of the most impressive structures in the world...structures with character, beauty and durability.

Information Tabs

85/15 Bark
85/15 V/M
130-1 W/C
208 Smooth Iron Spot
610 Dark Red Smooth IS
615 Red Smooth FR IS
717 Dark Smooth IS
721 Dark Smooth FR IS
7210 Dark W/C FR IS
Albany Rose
Antique Red Flash Matt
Antique Red Flash V/M
Autumn Blend R/T
Autumn Blend Smooth
Autumn Blend V/M
Autumn Blend W/C
Autumn Clear W/C
Autumn rose Clear W/C
Autumn Rose R/T
Autumn Rose Smooth
Autumn Rose V/M
Autumn Rose W/C
Aztec Red
Black Pine Bark
Black Pine Matt
Black Pine V/M
Blush Buff Bark Blend
Blush Buff Bark Flash
Blush Buff Flash Ver-Tex
Blush Buff R/T Flash
Blush Buff Rugg
Blush Buff Sand Face
Blush Buff Smooth
Blush Buff Smooth Flash
Blush Buff Velvet
Blush Buff Ver-Tex
Buff Flash Sand Face
Burgundy Blend
Canyon Blend R/T LF
Canyon Blend R/T FR
Canyon R/T
Cardinal Blend Rugg
Cherokee V/M
Cherry Bark
Chocolate Bark FR
Chocolate Matt FR
Chocolate R/T
Chocolate R/T FR
Chocolate Smooth
Chocolate Smooth FR
Chocolate W/C FR
Chocolate W/C
Collegiate Red Flash V/M
Collegiate Red FL Matt
Dark Gray Velvet
Dark Red Flash Bark
Dark Red Flash Matt
Dark Red Flash Vertical/Matt
Dark Red Smooth
Darker Blush Buff Velvet
Desert Brown Smooth
Desert Brown Velvet
Desert Sage Smooth
Desert Sage Velvet
Desert Tan Smooth
Desert Tan Velvet
Eau Claire
Frisco Blend
Gray & Walnut Bark Blend
Gray & White Bark Blend
Gray Bark Blend
Harrison Range
Hoosier Blend
Hoosier Blend V/M
Knox Blend
Light Blush Buff Velvet
Lt Chocolate FL V/M
Mahogany Smooth
Mahogany Velvet
Mahogany Velvet Flash
Mahogany Ver-Tex
Medium Gray Bark
Mission Blend Velvet
Monroe Blend
Monticello Blend Rugg
Olde Cheyenne
Old Cheyenne with Green
Old Harvard Smooth
Olde Windsor
Pioneer Blend Smooth
Pioneer Blend Smooth IS
Pioneer Blend W/C
Pioneer Blend W/C IS
Pioneer W/C
Red Bark Flash
Red Bark Full Range
Red Flash R/T
Red R/T
Red Rugg
Red Sand Face
Red Sand Face Flash
Red Smooth
Red Smooth Flash
Red Smooth Full Range
Red Smooth IS
Red Velvet
Red Ver-Tex
Red Ver-Tex Flash
Red Vertical/Matt
Red Vertical/Matt FR
Red W/C Full Range
Rose Mist
Rustic Red
Santa Fe R/T
Santa Fe Smooth
Santa Fe Smooth IS
Santa Fe V/M
Santa Fe W/C
Sorrel Smooth
Sorrel Velvet
Sorrel Ver-Tex
Sunset Clear W/C
Sunset Flash Bark
Sunset Flash R/T
Sunset Flash V/M
Sunset Flash W/C
Terracotta Red Bark
Terracotta Red R/T
Terracotta Red V/M
Terracotta Red W/C IS
Tri Blend Gray Velvet
University Blend Smooth
University Blend V/M
University Blend W/C
Valley Blend Velvet
White Birch Bark
White Rugg
White Velvet
White Ver-Tex
Woodsfield Blend
7 5/8"
3 5/8"
2 1/4"
Norman (not all colors available in this style)
11 5/8"
3 5/8"
2 1/4"
Closure (not all colors available in this style)
7 5/8"
3 5/8"
3 5/8"
Utility (not all colors available in this style)
11 5/8"
3 5/8"
3 5/8"