Meridian Architectural Brick

Meridian Brick is service-oriented and has committed to improved freight and distribution channels to meet the ever-changing market.  When you specify Meridian Brick products, you have access to the widest product offering available to align with any style, price point or region.

To view their complete line of Architectural (Commercial) Brick styles and colors available in this region visit their website.  Not all brick colors are available in all regions so remember to specifiy your state when on Meridian's website.


NOTE: If you are a homeowner, please click here for available brick styles & colors to ensure you are viewing Residential products of our website.

Information Tabs

Columbia-Brown WC
Columbia-Brown Flashed WC
Columbia-Chocolate WC
Columbia-Cotton Wood
Columbia-Dark Grey WC
Columbia-Dark Palomino Ripple
Columbia-Dark Palomino WC
Columbia-Flat Set Light Brown Flashed WC
Columbia-Flat Set Red Brown Flashed WC
Columbia-Grey Flashed WC
Columbia-Old Lancaster
Columbia-Old Lexington
Columbia-Old Tavern
Columbia-Old Williamsburg Commercial
Columbia-Red Ripple
Columbia-Red Rollback
Columbia-Red Rollback Flashed
Columbia-Red Rug Face
Columbia-Savannah Moss
Columbia-Light Grey Rippled
Columbia-Light Grey WC
Columbia-Medium Grey WC
Columbia-Medium Palomino Ripple
Columbia-Medium Palomino WC
Columbia-New Ashbury WC
Columbia-New Ashbury IS WC
Columbia-Red Rug Face Flashed
Columbia-Red SemiSmooth
Columbia-Red SemiSmooth Flashed
Columbia-Red WC
Columbia-Red Flashed WC
Columbia-Red IS WC
Columbia-Savannah Moss Commercial
Columbia-Wavery Mills
Columbia-Old Richland
Phenix City-Select Smooth Red
Phenix City-Select Smooth Range
Phenix City-Vertex Range
Phenix City-Vertex Red
Phenix City-WireCut Range
Phenix City-WireCut Red
Augusta-Chelsea Garden
Augusta-Downing Street
Augusta-Elon Blend
Augusta-Hyde Park