Architectural Block

Best of the basics

At Reading Rock, we are dedicated to your project by offering a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures to accommodate your design requirements. Premium burnished, glazed and decorative concrete masonry units are offered through the Premier Block lines.

Exceeding your expectations is not just a goal, it’s mandatory. From our quick product turnaround time to our on-time trucking delivery, we are constantly looking for methods of improvement.

Fluted Block
Available in 4” and 8”. Stocked in 8” 4 flute only.

Split Block
Stocked in 4”, 8”, 12” natural. All other colors and sizes are special order.

Scored Block
Block made in 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” wall thickness. Two and three scored faces available as special order.
Regular block and split block may be scored to achieve the effect of an additional 3/8” mortar joint. Scores are placed centrally unless otherwise specified. Split face is one side only.

Reinforced and non-reinforced block are available as non-stock item in various sizes. Please contact Reading Rock for more details.

Information Tabs

American Harvest (B)
Buckskin (B)
Camel Tan (B)
Horizon (B)
Midnight Sky (B)
Sandstone Buff (B)
Sunset Rose (B)
Baycream (C)
Gray Whisp (C)
Boston Gray (D)
Creme Buff (D)
Glacier (D)
Ivory (D)
Chocolate Brown *special order
Dusk *special order
Green Wave *special order
Hamilton Blend *special order
Marigold *special order
Mauve *special order
Purple Haze *special order
Southern Rose *special order
Champagne *special order
Harvest/Brown *special order
Stone Creek *special order
Tucsan *special order