Caliza Stone

RockCast Caliza Stone Series
RockCast Caliza Stone Series

Caliza Stone, The Next Alternative

The building material industry is evolving and Reading Rock is leading the way with Caliza Stone, The Next Alternative in product innovation - offering true beauty and superior quality at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional high-end masonry and cast stone veneer.

Natural Beauty & Durability. 

Caliza Stone, provides solutions to design and construct buildings better, faster and for less without sacrificing quality, performance and beauty.  The new masonry veneer offers the natural beauty of stone and the durability of concrete at affordable prices that cannot be matched in the industry.


Caliza Stone provides great versatility and sophistication at affordable prices.  Other advantages include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing alternative to split face CMU
  • Exceptional color blends with striated colors
  • Cost-effective
  • Accent with RockCast for a more custom and high-end appearance
  • Readily available - 5-6 weeks
  • National distribution footprint
  • Installed using standard masonry practices
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Backed by experience since 1947
  • Manufactured with Rheopel Plus integral water repellent for enhanced long-term performance

Information Tabs

Ash (Smooth)
Ash (Chiseled)
Bamboo (Smooth)
Bamboo (Chiseled)
Crab Orchard (Smooth)
Crab Orchard (Chiseled)
Gris (Smooth)
Gris (Chiseled)
Stone (Smooth)
Stone (Chiseled)
Sunset (Smooth)
Sunset (Chiseled)
Stone Creek Chiseled Tumbled Face Texture
Ohio Chiseled Tumbled Face Texture
2 Piece Pattern
3 Piece Pattern
4 Piece Pattern