Edging & Spikes

Use paver edging to ensure the pavement stays as tight, strong and good looking as the day it was created by withstanding loads created by pavement energy (the constant pressure of pavers against each other).

Reading Rock offers several types of edging:

Snap Edge Paver Restraint is a contractor grade product, designed to be used with pavers or natural stone 2” – 3  1/8” thick.  It comes in 8’ pieces with a 1  7/8” back wall height and 2  7/8” wide base.  Snap Edge is available in bulk packaging:  Half pallet contains 288 pieces and Full Pallet contains 672 pieces. Spikes are sold separately.

• Pave Edge is available in flexible and rigid restraint systems and comes in 7' pieces.  Pave Edge flexible edging can create radius as tight as 18 inches and easily connects to the Pave Edge rigid pieces.

EdgeCrete, a fiber reinforced, polymer modified concrete edge restraint.  EdgeCrete is an edging restraint designed for paver and natural stone applications on a standard base, open grade or permeable base.  Simple to Install – No Spikes Required.

• Gator Edge is a fully customizable solution to run around the perimeter of your finished porcelain tile paver installation, providing stability and strong lateral support. The Gator Edge is made with 100 % polyethylene.

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