Tile System

Gator Tile System
Gator Tile System
Tile Pedestal System
Tile Pedestal System

Depending on your application, there are options for your porcelain tile installation. 

Gator Tile System - The Gator Tile System allows for the installation of porcelain tile directly on top of the Gator Base using the Gator Spacer to provide uniform spacing and unparalleled stability. The Gator Spacer has been designed to provide the right support, load transfer and a monolithic surface binding all units together. Learn more about Gator Tile's innovative installation system. 

System consists of:
* Gator Fabric
* Gator Base
* Gator Spacer
* Gator Block Bond
* Gator Tile Edge
* Gator Base Screws
* Gator Tile Sand

Pedestal System – Below are the many advantages of a pedestal system.  Learn more about Eterno's adjustable pedestal systems.

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* Excellent for hiding pipes and equipment
* Excellent absorption of structural movements
* Significant less weight
* Always a flat paving and easily accessible
* Quick water drainage
* Better thermal insulation
* Strong resistance
* Best acoustic insulation
* Speed of installation
* Ecology and cleaning

Information Tabs

Gator Base
SE0 - Self Leveling Pedestal 28 - 38mm
SE1 - Self Leveling Pedestal 37 - 5-50mm
SE2 - Self Leveling Pedestal 50 - 75mm
SE3 - Self Leveling Pedestal 75 - 120mm
SE4 - Self Leveling Pedestal 120 - 170mm
SE5 - Self Leveling Pedestal 170 - 215mm