Allan Block Solution for Hillside Development

Cincinnati is in the middle of a major apartment scene boom, led by an increase of interest in the city. Rental housing demands are surging and developers have brought eager, young professionals and others over 3,000 housing units over the past two years according to the Cincinnati Business Courier. National Real Estate Brokerage Firm, Marcus & Millichap, noted the intensifying apartment surge in their fourth quarter apartment market report.

Delta Flats was one of these highly anticipated and desired housing options, and was completed in 2014. The 4 acre property contains 3 buildings and is located on Columbia Parkway and Delta Avenue, offering residents a unique vibe located right outside the heart of the city. Jud Oscherwitz, a district manager at Mount Adams-based Towne Properties, is excited about the good location which is close to the city, popular nightlife destination Mount Adams, and many restaurants. This location offers residents the feeling of both a suburban and urban property, and quickly generated a waiting list.


The 76-unit luxury apartment complex is located on a hillside that has standing structure already built on top of it. Arn Bortz, managing partner for Towne Properties, acknowledged the unique development challenges presented by the hillside. Fortunately, Reading Rock is experienced in dealing with difficult landscapes and offered Allan Block retaining walls as a solution that was used to support the hillside and structure.

Allan Block retaining wall collection offers a perfect blend of performance and style, and has been a long time favorite among wall builders. The product comes in a variety of styles and can be used on major projects such as Delta Flats or even in some areas around your house. Retaining walls are perfect to provide support on even grounds and deliver an aesthetic focal point no matter where they are installed.

In addition to the AB retaining wall materials, Reading Rock provided RockCast headers above the window, banding around the structure to give it a bold trim, Stonecraft veneer, and CMU split flace architectural block that was blended to match the color of the retaining wall. Reading Rock’s advanced color blending technology allows for a seamless transition between different products by being able to manufacture them as the same color.


One of the many nearby restaurants happens to be Jeff Ruby’s The Precinct. This vintage steakhouse, opened in 1981, was recently named one of the best steakhouses in the country by USA Today and an America’s Top Restaurant survey. The once police precinct serves as an icon for the area, and Cincinnati as a whole. Towne Properties wanted Delta Flats to have a red brick exterior that matched The Precinct, located directly across the street.

Reading Rock has an extensive selection and showcase of brick of all color and was able to provide the right one to transform Delta Flats into a long-time resident of the area, matching The Precinct and other buildings in the neighborhood.

After completion of the project, Towne Properties was granted LEED certification that acknowledges the building’s earth friendly conscious during the building and maintenance process. By choosing local products from Reading Rock, the Delta Flats apartment complex earned credits towards gaining this certification. Local products mean lower costs due to shipping rates, and also helps the environment. Now, Delta Flats is a LEED certified multi-family housing community that serves as a reminder to the Cincinnati apartment housing surge.