Gator Base

Gator Base: Evolution in base technology

Have you heard of Gator Base?

Gator Base is a newer product from Alliance Designer Products that promises to saves time, labor and money.  Recently, a hardscape contractor in Illinois, tried Gator Base for the first time on a job that totaled approximately 850 sq. ft.  The contractor was immediately sold on the product due to:

1. The speed at which the material went down (gator base and pavers).
2. The flexibility of the product.  The patio was to be laid perpendicular to the dock and the first 250 sq. ft. was laid differently.  The contractor was easily able to readjust the angle and continue on with the patio.  If sand set, the contractor commented that they would have lost significant time if sand set.
3. The site was tight and the majority of the material was staged on the opposite side of where the patio started.  Without gator base, walking the material across the width of the patio would have been much more time consuming and challenging.
4. As mentioned above, the site was tight making it difficult if not impossible to get machinery to the working area.  Reducing the amount of excavation, thanks to the gator base, saved the owner a ton of money on labor and removal of material.  It also provided a reduction in the amount of stone and sand that would have had to all be done by hand.

According to Alliance’s website, their Gator Base product:
• Save 5 inches of needless excavation
• Save 5 inches of crushed stone
• Save the cost of truck and driver on the road
• Save on costly dumping fees
• Save wear and tear on machinery
• Save on labor costs
• Save overall installation time
• Increase profit
• For pedestrian use only

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