ReCon Retaining Wall- Natural

Keystone Parkway- Indianapolis, IN

The challenge

When the City of Carmel, Indiana needed to add four exit ramps for the new elevated roundabout at Keystone Parkway & Main Street, they were faced with right of way restrictions.  The close proximity of backyard property lines and existing utilities prevented excavation for geogrid reinforcements to ensure the proper installation of a conventional segmental retaining wall system.  In order to preserve and protect the surrounding properties and not compromise or delay the project, the city took a proactive approach and sought a viable retaining wall alternative.

The City’s Consulting Engineer, American Structurepoint, considered using MSE Wall fascia panels supported by a H-pile and wood-lagged retention system which had been used on another section of the Keystone Parkway corridor.  However, this option, which was estimated to cost in excess of $1.7 million, was the most expensive option and therefore was rejected due to budgetary concerns.

The solution

As an Engineered Wall Solution provider, Reading Rock, was able to present Charlie Gannon, Project Manager at Walsh Construction, with another option - ReCon Retaining Wall Systems.  ReCon, a high performance tall gravity wall, is designed to eliminate the time and cost associated with excavation and soil replacement when reinforcing geogrid is required.  It’s unique tongue and grove lock and placement design combined with its massive size and weight proved to be the perfect solution. 

Reading Rock worked closely with Civil Solutions Group (CSG) and Structures Hardscapes to optimize the design of the project and maximize installation efficiencies all while minimizing construction costs.  Both companies have a national reputation for minimizing overall construction costs through use of creative and state of the art design concepts and construction practices.   

The results

Using ReCon to elevate the roundabout at Keystone Parkway and Main Street provided the City of Carmel with a more cost effective wall solution and American Structurepoint liked it too!  Never having used ReCon in the past, the firm, was delighted to learn that the big block wall was designed very similar to modular gravity wall block, making it easy to use and quick to install.