Modern Trends in Hearth

Recent advancements in fireplace technology have completely changed how fireplaces can be used in your living spaces. Contemporary and modern styles have changed the role fireplaces play in indoor living. New trends display fireplaces in non-traditional locations, while also serving versatile roles.

Contemporary framing allows your home to become a reflection of you, which you may have not been able to express before. Lets take a look at two of today’s popular trends revolving around fireplaces and indoor living. 

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 (Modern Minimalist Living: via

A sleek, minimal hearth may be the perfect style for you and your living space. Minimalist fireplaces can be compact or long enough to stretch across your space. They provide a crisp detail that can be grounded or floating depending on your preference. 

A trending new product in the hearth industry is the MEZZO gas fireplace. This bold series comes in four sizes and spans up to 72-inches.

                                         (The new MEZZO fireplace with blue bead media via Heat&Glow)

 What is making this minimalist piece popular is its flexibility. Not only does the MEZZO have direct vent technology but it also has innovative, multi-colored LED lighting technology. This enables you to change the personality of your room in seconds! Additionally, these new contemporary fireplaces allow you to interchange colored glass beads to enhance your desired mood.


 (Built-in-Drama: a modern entertainment center via

 A current common trend is display your fireplace as the heart and soul of your living room entertainment center. By pairing fireplace and TV you create an interment environment that guests and family are sure to crowd around.