Study of Initial Cost of Construction Multi-Residential Structures

The Pennsylvania Concrete Masonry Association coordinated with a third party investigator to conduct a STUDY of INITIAL COST of CONSTRUCTION MULTI-RESIDENTIAL STRUCTURES.


The objective of this study was to develop a construction cost model to accurately evaluate the relative construction cost of a multi-family building constructed using six different construction materials - wood, steel, masonry, precast, ICF - using the 2015 International Building Codes. Multi-family includes small hotels, apartment buildings, condominiums, student housing, elderly housing, and others.


In summary, the findings proved that concrete masonry is cost competitive and in many cases less expensive than light weight conventional wood frame and light gage steel framing!


Go to to review an Executive Summary of the Report for cities Edgewater, NJ and Towson, MD as well as numerous additional cities studied including Baltimore, MD and Washington DC.