Tile Trends in 2015

Coverings 2015, The Global Tile and Stone Experience, just finished its annual expo in Orlando, Florida and displayed some of the international trends in tile for this year.  Coverings is “the premier international trade fair and expo dedicated exclusively to showcasing the newest in ceramic tile and natural stone” (Coverings) and has consistently been a major stage for introducing some of the most innovative trends in the business. Reading Rock sent a few sales experts to Orlando for the week, and this is what we came back with.



Marble tile seems to be a popular choice so far this year with both Iris US and CasalGrande Padana introducing new product lines. Specifically, CasalGrande’s porcelain marble look has been considered one of the best looks of the year due to is extreme likeness to real marble. Their new tile, GRANITOKER- Marmoker, comes in 21 colors/patterns that are absolutely outstanding.

Images and product information can be found at,105,0,0,html



Hexagons were everywhere and seemed to be shown by every represented manufacturer in some fashion. Coverings 2015 Ambassador Alena Capra traveled around the world from Spain to San Antonia and took particular notice to the huge comeback hexagons are making. This once retro shape adds a “unique element in designs modern to traditional” (Capra).


                                     Images from The Hudson Milliner, Petite Passport, The Blue Hour



The standard tile sizes we are becoming used to are changing as well. Although the traditional sizes we are accustomed to are still around, 13 X 32, 18 X 36, 24 X 48 were being shown. This increase selection in size allows for the most flexibility in design yet.



Wood porcelain tile is still a popular choice for interior and exterior design. This style has been gaining momentum for a number of years now and was even a major trend in the Coverings 2013 show. The frenzy continues with new natural wood patterns and dimensions, a favorite being wood tile panels. “The great thing about all the different styles and colors is that you can mix and match them in unique ways that would be next to impossible with reclaimed wood” (Becky Harris, Houzz). Using wood tile is an easy and perfect way to achieve that rustic, vintage look found this year thanks in part to advanced digital printing techniques (Capra).

Porcelain that looks like brick was also being shown at a few manufacturer's and ceramic wall tile seems to be trying to make a come back.