Reading Rock - ReCon Retaining Wall System
Reading Rock - ReCon Retaining Wall System

Murphy Parkway, Powell, Ohio

The challenge

The town of Powell, Ohio was met with a growing need to update its roadways as an increasing population has been causing congestion and backup near major intersections.  Extending Murphy Parkway was a great way to alleviate traffic from Four Corners intersection but faced a number of hurdles before the project could successfully be completed.  One of the major obstacles was overcoming Tyler’s run, a water pass running through the desired route.  Two new culverts, in addition to one remaining, were installed to maintain the water flow underneath the extension.  A significant retaining wall had to be built around these culverts in order to securely support the overhead roadway and newly upgraded bike path.   

The solution

City officials desired a gravity retention wall to provide more dependable structural
support.  To best accommodate the steep grade and aesthetic needs desired to
complete this part of the extension, a ReCon retaining wall system was installed.  
Rather than a cast-in-place retaining wall, ReCon offered more flexibility, allowing for a curved design to be enacted that could support itself, relying solely on its own weight.  At some sections of the bend, the retaining wall reached almost 20 ft. high and had to be embedded underground for additional support.  Riprap was placed at the base of the wall to ensure erosion wouldn’t damage the structure in case of potential high-water.  After preliminary designs and project surveys were conducted in accordance with our dedicated partners at EMH&T, construction of the Murphy Extension quickly got underway.

The results

This long-awaited project opened in late September, 2016 and highlights the cities
dedication to roadway and capital improvements.  The natural color and Weathered Edge look of the ReCon wall was a great addition to the parkway, and ties in seamlessly with the other numerous aesthetic landscape improvements along the addition.

The choice of the ReCon gravity retention wall sped up the construction process and was much easier to install, ensuring that the residents of Powell would be able to enjoy the benefits of the extension as soon as possible.  Preparation for construction began in February, and the project was completed ahead of schedule nearly half a year later.  In addition to being completed early, the city saved significantly in cost due to product choice.  Murphy Parkway is a vital component in connecting the city’s growing
population paths and has successfully freed up the Liberty and Olentangy Street